Do i have to pay taxes for onlyfans income

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Note: You may need to click Enable Updates first if you don't see the Update Now option right away.

Manually checking for Office updates in Word 2016
  1. Exit all Office apps.

  2. Open the Microsoft Store app by typing "Microsoft Store" into the taskbar search and press Enter.

  3. Click on the Click the Profile icon icon and make sure you're signed into the Microsoft account associated with your Office license.

  4. Click on the Click the See More icon icon > choose Downloads and Updates.

  5. Click Get Updates.

Note: If you get a "You're good to go" message after clicking Get Updates, you don't have any new updates to install. "Good to go!"

  • Find and select your version of Microsoft Office on your computer. In the bar above, click Change.

  • Select Quick Repair > Repair. If this does not work, retry the steps, but choose Online Repair instead. If you are still unable to open any apps, uninstall and reinstall Office.

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Click Enable Updates
Manually checking for Office updates in Word 2016
  1. Open any Office 2010 application, such as Word 2010 and create a document.

  2. Go to File > Help > Check for Updates.

  3. Choose Install Updates or Check for Updates. If neither option is available, follow the additional steps provided in the pop-up window that appeared after you chose Check for Updates.

Manually checking for Office updates in Word 2010

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